John 2:13-22: Marketplace, Resurrection

Forget for a moment that you’ve heard this passage over and over again. This should not be familiar.  Jesus, an observant Jew, has come to Jerusalem for the Passover. Rightly, he goes to the Temple. I imagine that his disciples thought he was going to offer his own sacrifice, or to pray, or perhaps to find some scholars with whom to argue. Now I have to admit that when I picture this moment it plays out much like an Oprah talk-show. Things are going along as they should and then suddenly “It’s JESUS!” And like Tom Cruise bouncing up and down on the couch, Jesus’ acts are so irrational, so strange, that all anyone can do is stand agog and wonder what sort of madness unfolds before them.

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I take full responsibility for misspellings, bad theology and the occasional good’in. 

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