The best approach to a wall is, first, two hands placed flat against the surface; it’s a matter of concentration and just the right pressure. You will feel the dry, cool inner wall with your fingers, then there is a moment of total darkness before you step through on the other side. — Louis Jenkins, “Walking Through a Wall”

This blog represents none of the employers or organizations listed below. It’s all me.

Profile: After studying history and philosophy at Presbyterian College, Amelia Stuckey moved to Princeton, New Jersey to pursue graduate work in religion. She received a Master’s in Divinity, a general professional degree, in 2009. Following completion of the M. Div., and in order to further specialize, Ms. Stuckey pursued a Master’s of Theology in Church History. In 2010, she completed the Th. M. and accepted a position at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. After spending three years working with youth and alternative worship, Amelia accepted a call at Westminster Presbyterian Church (USA) in Greenville, South Carolina, where she presently serves as an Associate Pastor.

Work Experience:

Associate Pastor for Young Adults, Mission and Social Media // Westminster Presbyterian Church; Greenville, South Carolina // Summer 2013-present

A large congregation of the PC(USA), my work at Westminster has primarily focused on young adults (loosely defined as anyone who fondly remembers the 90s), mission and technology. I am a frequent teacher in our adult Sunday School program, which is comprised of semester-long lecture style classes. Previous courses include The Last Days, examining Holy Week, Jesus’ Tall Tales, a close reading of Lukan parables, No More Mr. Nice Guy, a general course on Christology, and Sola What?, an examination of the tenants around which the Reformed Tradition generally coalesces.

Consultant // Faith3, a Project of the Cousins Foundation (Atlanta) // Fall 2012-Winter 2013

In conjunction with the Rev. Wayne Meisel (founding president, Bonner Foundation), I offered insight, vision and an editing pen to Faith3: Faith Active in the Head, Heart and Hands.

Interim for Youth, Young Adults and Worship Ministries // The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville; Lawrenceville, New Jersey // Fall 2009-Fall 2012

As Interim for of Youth, Young Adults and Worship Ministries, I regularly preached and was responsible for the maintenance of Worship in a New Key, a weekly alternative worship service. I was also responsible for the spiritual and educational formation of the congregation’s youth and young adults (grades 6-12 and college-35, respectively).

Contributor // The Daily Dante

“The Daily Dante” is a collaborate project of literary types in eastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. The project, which is regularly updated during the Lenten Season, has been active for two-and-a-half years. Readers are encouraged to engage The Divine Comedy with the guidance of the trusted contributors. Other contributors include poetry professors, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, an editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer, a pastor and a retired history teacher. Robert Pinsky, Poet Laureate Consultant to the Library of Congress, literary critic and renowned Dante translator, is among the blog’s many followers. The blog is maintained by the Rev. Jeffrey Vamos, head of staff at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville.

Clinical Pastoral Education Chaplain // The JFK, Jr. Medical Center; Edison, New Jersey // Summer 2009

The Clinical Pastoral Education program is an inter-faith hospital chaplaincy meant to ensure a student’s readiness for critical pastoral emergencies. While at JFK I served as chaplain for the Pediatric, Med-Surge, Orthopedic and Intensive Care units.

Seminary Intern // Cornerstone Presbyterian Church; Jackson, New Jersey // Fall 2007-Spring 2008

While at Cornerstone I was primarily responsible for the weekly operation of the youth group. I was also charged with leading a women’s fellowship group through the Old Testament, focusing on the culture and context of the Biblical texts.


Princeton Theological Seminary // Princeton, New Jersey — Master’s of Theology in Church History // May 2010.

Thesis: “On the Edge of Milledgeville: Race, Redemption & the Female Body in Flannery O’Conner’s Short Fiction and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

Princeton Theological Seminary // Princeton, New Jersey — Master’s of Divinity // May 2009.

Honors: The Jagow Award for Excellence in Preaching, May 2008.

Presbyterian College // Clinton, South Carolina — Bachelor of Arts // May 2006

Major: History (focus on the Middle East), Thesis: “Veiled, Not Silent: The Role of the Veil in the 1979 Iranian Revolution”

Research Interests:

Sexuality and the construction of Gender in the Church; the Educational formation of Adults; Modern U. S. Christianity; gender as a category of historical inquiry

Statement of Faith (click title for PDF, p. 2)


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