Statement of Faith

We know God through revelation.  All of our knowledge about God is authoritatively revealed in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament. The Scriptures point toward the work of Jesus Christ who is fully God and fully human.

I believe in one God who is the father of the Patriarchs and who was revealed to Moses as I am. God is attested to in the Hebrew Scriptures and worshipped by the Jewish people. In being God is Triune, eternally three in one. God the Father is of the same substance as Jesus Christ the eternally begotten Word and is equal with Spirit, who eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son. In God’s being God is ever sharing, ever loving, and ever good.

I believe that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, condescended, was born, taught, suffered and died for us and for our salvation. Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. I believe that Jesus fellowshipped with the most despised members of society and called disciples unto himself. He was betrayed and crucified, offering himself up to God the Father on behalf of the world. I believe that Jesus was resurrected and revealed himself to the disciples before the ascension. I believe that Jesus Christ’s death is effective unto salvation, and that his resurrection is the first fruit of the new heaven and the new earth.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. I believe that the Spirit empowered Jesus’ earthly ministry and was sent by Jesus into the world. I believe that the Spirit works in and around us to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. I believe that the Spirit calls us, female and male, to the service and work of God. I believe that the Spirit hovered over the waters at creation, initiated Pentecost, and sustains us until Christ’s coming again. Through the power of the Spirit we are able to experience the real presence of God in baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  When we partake of the Sacraments we experience God’s goodness, bounty, mercy and justice and are called to a renewed life of worship and service.

I believe that God, in God’s abundant love, acted through the eternal Word to create the world. I believe that God created the world good, and that human beings were given God’s very image and created very good. I believe that God turned to us in creation and offered us the ultimate “yes” of reconciliation reinforced in the “yes” of Christ’s incarnation and crucifixion.

I believe that sin is utterly opposed to God and, though manifested in human action, is a state of being before it is an act. However, while the depth of our sin is revealed on the cross, so too is the depth and reality of God’s grace. Our sin never dries the deep well of God’s grace.

I believe that Christ, in his life and death, offered atonement on our behalf. On the cross we are justified and through the Spirit we are sanctified, though in this life we are never fully free of sin. I believe that every human being is called by God to a vocation, and that in that calling we become participants in the life and work of God.

God’s act of reconciliation reminds us that we are called to neighbor-love. We are called to care for the other, called to care for our enemy and our friend. I believe that Christ’s body, the church universal, is called to preach God’s love and reconciliation always and everywhere. The church calls us to seek justice in this broken world even as we follow Christ in committed discipleship.


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